Monday, April 14, 2014


THE CANADIAN CHAMBER CHOIR and the newly-formed
in a workshop and concert.

Are you a choral singer who is looking for a challenging and rewarding choral experience? Would you enjoy spending a day singing, workshopping and performing at a high level? Then you won’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity.

The NBCF is collaborating with the Canadian Chamber Choir (CCC) in the formation of an adult, auditioned New Brunswick Chamber Choir. Singers from the Maritimes, aged 18 and over, are encouraged to audition for this new choir.

Dr. Julia Davids, conductor of the CCC, as well as members of the CCC will work with the newlyformed choir and the talents of both groups will be combined in a public concert.

When: September 19, 20, 2014
Where: Moncton, NB
Cost: $75 non-NBCF members
$65 member of NBCF member choir
$50 individual NBCF member
$35 student

Live auditions will be held at Mount Allison University on the afternoon of Sunday, May 4.
Recorded auditions will be accepted until May 15. The successful candidates will be notified by June 1 and the music will be sent to them by June 15. It is the responsibility of each singer to learn his/her part in advance and come to the weekend with the part secure.

The evening of Friday, September 19 will consist of a rehearsal which will be led by Rose Marie Bernaquez. This rehearsal will ensure that all of the notes are accurate and that entries, rhythms etc. are secure. The proposed schedule for Saturday, September 20 is:

9AM-12 noon: Warm-ups, applied vocal technique, group rehearsal
1-5PM: Sectionals and group rehearsal
Public concert in the evening.

All candidates must be able to read music.  The candidate will prepare one song, to be sung a cappella, which best demonstrates vocal ability ie. range, pitch, rhythm, etc. A folk song or hymn tune is appropriate.  A vocalise will be given to the candidates in advance to be prepared and performed at the audition.  Candidates will fill out a short information form.

For more information, please call or email Dianne at:

506 453-3731

Thursday, March 27, 2014


In spite of the recent blizzard, SCF 14 will move forward.   Given the snow forecast for Sunday, there is a possibility that the concert may be cancelled but that decision will be made on Saturday.  At the very least, we will have two days of working with Michael and singing some great Mozart.

Please do whatever feels right to you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cantata Singers of Ottawa Looking for New Director

Artistic Director, Cantata Singers of Ottawa  (CSO): deadline for application extended, due to a typographical error in the return email address                                       

Location:        Ottawa, Ontario
Application Deadline: February 28, 2014
Salary: Commensurate with experience, 21K+
Contract: Annual or as negotiated
The CSO is one of the foremost choirs in Eastern Ontario. The choir presents classical and contemporary music from Canada and around the world and has its own choral concert series. CSO has recorded programmes for CBC Radio, CBC Television and Radio Canada
The Cantata Singers of Ottawa  is undertaking a search for a new Director.  This process will be conducted during the spring of 2014 and the goal is to have selected and hired a new director for the 2014-15 season if possible, and 2015-16 at the latest. 
  1. Ensure the continued artistic development of the choir, according to the goals of the choir;
  2.  Select repertoire for the Choir’s three-concert season;
  3. Select guest artists and musicians to perform with the choir;
  4. Run / arrange weekly (and sometimes weekend) rehearsals and conduct concerts. Organize rehearsal and concert schedules for the September-May season, including preparatory rehearsals for hired performances (e.g. National Arts Centre [NAC]);
  5. Conduct auditions regularly for both new and existing choir members.
  6. Attend meetings of the choir’s executive committee as necessary;
  7. Contribute to the development of artistic components of grant applications and budget reports, when necessary;
  8. Assist the choir in developing outreach and educational activities;
  9. Be a spokesperson and advocate for the choir;
  10. Facilitate the creation of new Canadian works
  1. An advanced graduate degree in choral conducting or equivalent experience;
  2. Preferred five years’ experience as a professional conductor of a similar-scale organization;
  3. Training in orchestral conducting or equivalent experience;
  4. Excellent piano skills or good skills working with accompanists;
  5. Skill as a singer and knowledge of vocal mechanics, technique, and pedagogy;
  6. Experience working with amateur and professional singers;
  7. Strong artistic and interpersonal leadership abilities;
  8. A passion and declared vision for an expertise in choral music, specifically works for a 40-50 voice chamber choir;
  9. An understanding of the provincial, national and international choral scene;
  10. Fluency in English;
  11. Ability to communicate both artistic vision and administrative detail;
  12. Ability to collaborate with other choirs and relevant organizations.
Additional useful experience or qualifications:
  1. Experience working with non-profit/charitable organizations;
  2. Public speaking experience;
  3. An interest in pedagogy/educational outreach;
  4. Involvement in provincial or national choral advocacy;
  5. Working knowledge of French as a second language.
 Submission requirements:
  1. A résumé;
  2. A letter outlining your interest and unique qualifications for this position;
  3. A current repertoire list, highlighting works you’ve conducted that are appropriate for an ensemble like the Cantata Singers of Ottawa (including larger works if available);
  4. Two concert programs or season brochures from within the past three years that demonstrate your vision in programming;
  5. A proposed program for one season of three concerts (one concert should be a cappella, one with medium-scale instrumental accompaniment, and one with small-scale instrumental accompaniment).
 Additional preferred material:
  1. Video footage (max 20 min) of your work in rehearsal and/or performance. This can be submitted by DVD and/or via a link to an online posting.
The selection process:
  1. Based on the information provided, and consulting outside advisors, 3 finalists may be selected and invited to conduct the choir this spring at one full rehearsal; the material for the rehearsal will be provided to the candidate prior to the rehearsal.
  2. Based on the results of this and an assessment process, a contract may be offered to an outstanding candidate.
  3. If the results are inconclusive and all candidates show great potential, then the finalists will each be asked to prepare one concert for the 2014/2015 season, and a decision will be made from the results of that process.