Tuesday, June 9, 2015


As I finish up my last few hours in the NBCF office, I would like to thank the NBCF Board and all of the people who I met and worked with over the past three years.  My time here was very enjoyable and I am fortunate to have met so many dedicated choral singers and lovers of music.

I know that I will be seeing many of you in the future, as the musical community in our area is small and our paths will surely cross.


Dianne's final days in the office


We are pleased to announce that Shawn Henry has accepted the position of Executive Director of the NBCF and he will begin on August 17.  Shawn was brought up in NB and studied music at Dalhousie U.  He then worked and taught in the Toronto area for many years and has now returned to his home province and is establishing himself in the arts community in the Maritimes.  Many of you will meet Shawn at Choral Fest on PEI in October and I know that you are going to like him and he will do a great job for NBCF.

Welcome, Shawn!

Shawn Henry

Monday, March 23, 2015

National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs

The deadline for Choral Canada’s National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs’ is quickly approaching! Get your submissions in by APRIL 1st, 2015. For more information, contact Choral Canada via info@choralcanada.org or 647-606-2467 and visit http://choralcanada.org/activities-projects/national-competition-for-canadian-amateur-choirs/

La date limite pour l’inscription au Concours National des chœurs amateurs canadiens, organisé par Choral Canada, approche à grands pas! Faites parvenir vos candidatures au plus tard le 1er AVRIL 2015. Pour plus d’informations, contactez Choral Canada à info@choralcanada.org et visitez lehttp://choralcanada.org/fr/concours-national-pour-choeurs-amateurs-canadiens/